Terra's 2023 Highlights A Year of Innovation, Empowerment, and Social Commitment

Terra’s 2023 Highlights: A Year of Innovation, Empowerment, and Social Commitment

At the end of every year, we enjoy pausing for a moment to look back and acknowledge all of the hard work our team put into servicing our clients and helping our community over the past twelve months. While reflecting on 2023, we realized that Terra had quite a busy year. Let’s take a look back together at some of its highlights. 

Terra Localizations Brand Refresh  

Did you notice things looked a bit different around our video game division? That’s because we gave that brand a major visual overhaul. Terra Localizations embarked on a brand refresh to align its identity with the core values and passion of its team while reflecting the overarching ethos of Terra. CEO Marina Ilari’s vision was to infuse the company’s essence into the branding, ensuring it resonated authentically with the gaming community.  This revitalization signifies a pivotal moment in the division’s growth, emphasizing its commitment to quality, innovation, and a deep understanding of gaming culture. 

An Enhanced Commitment to Diversity and Wellness  

As the comfort and safety of each member of the company are of utmost importance to us, we worked on creating programs where their well-being is our top priority—always ensuring that they feel supported and taken care of.  

To start, we launched our diversity policy. This diversity program evolved from ingrained values into a formalized policy with the guidance of the Institute of LGBT+ Public Policies. Although diversity and inclusion have been inherent at Terra since its foundation, articulating these values required structure. An internal committee played a pivotal role in the creation of this policy. Their expertise and direct engagement with Terra’s collaborators shaped the program, ensuring it authentically reflected our core principles. Marina explained why this program is so important to us. “I believe this policy will give our efforts a clear framework so that not only can our team members refer to it, but also potential collaborators and clients can learn more about our positioning and actioning on this important topic.”  

To help boost our team’s wellness, we strengthened our existing Wellness Program with a Skillbridge initiative. This initiative offers a confidential listening and support space for collaborators who need help tackling a complex situation in the workplace or want to improve their interpersonal and communication skills. This enterprise is carried out by the members of our Human Resources team, who are mental health professionals. Their goal is to help Terra’s collaborators become more effective leaders and team players.  

Industry Conference Attendance  

Our team attended several virtual and in-person industry conferences this year, giving them a chance to learn and connect with their peers. Some of them included CLINT, ATA64, and GALA.     

On the video game front, our team also had the chance to be present at Game Developers Conference (GDC), Pocket Gamer Connects, LocWorld 49, LocWorld 50, Game Quality Forum, Gamescom, and Tokyo Game Show, among others.    

Our participation in these events also included presentations on topics such as:    

Great Place to Work Certification  

We went through the Great Place to Work recertification process for the third time and passed, seeing improvements in the overall results. Wait—it gets better. This year, we went for a triple certification: USA, Spain, and Argentina. This certification, awarded through a rigorous process by Great Place to Work (GPTW), acknowledges companies with outstanding workplace cultures. It involves employee surveys and a company questionnaire, combining feedback with independent analysis. The uniqueness lies in its reliance on both sources, making it a credible indicator for job seekers looking for companies with genuinely positive and exceptional corporate cultures.  

Recently, Terra was recognized as a Great Place to Work across borders due to our efforts to create an outstanding employee experience in the U.S., Spain, and Argentina.

Terra Cares  

In 2023, through Terra Cares, we proudly extended our support to organizations like Chicas en Tecnología, Doctors Without Borders, and Sustentabilidad Sin Fronteras, contributing to projects totaling 98,136 translated words.   

Despite our fully remote operations at Terra, our team members continue to travel worldwide for conferences, meetings, and networking. As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we are actively engaging in climate compensation efforts by contributing to initiatives that capture greenhouse gases. To this end, we’ve joined the Eco Park “Vida Libre” project, facilitating the planting of 518 trees. This initiative not only enhances the sustainability of our business activities but also fosters new opportunities for nature development and conservation.  

We are so proud of everything our team accomplished this year and are looking forward to reaching more goals together in 2024.  

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