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In the health and medical industry, an incorrect translation could mean the difference between life or death. Terra’s highly specialized team has a deep knowledge base and extensive experience focused on the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries. This expertise empowers us to help you preserve the integrity of your practice by delivering accurately localized content that respects both cultural competency and patient privacy.

María, Organization & Methods Manager

Marina, CEO

María, Organization & Methods Manager

When confidentiality is critical

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Maintaining patient privacy, document control, and client trust are vital to Terra. As applications become more complex and external threats more sophisticated, we know that protecting your data is paramount. Terra’s technical protocol and cybersecurity controls include a Fortinet firewall to administer and protect access to our network in a secure location, biometric control access to authorized IT team members only to our secure server room, data encryption at rest and on transit, active monitoring and logging of all activity in our network and company devices with Microsoft Intune, and fast implementation of patches and updates. Our team is qualified to work with highly confidential information under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), including Protected Health Information (PHI). 

Our network communication uses a VPN deployed through our Fortinet infrastracture as well as transport layer security (TLS 1.3) with at least 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption, so you can rest assured that your proprietary and identity data will never fall into the wrong hands.

Terra Cares

beyond barriers, beyond borders

 As part of our Terra Cares program, we partner with Doctors without Borders—a global non-profit that provides medical services to areas in crisis around the world. Our Terra Cares program aims to eliminate economic barriers and leverage social connections to improve people’s lives. 

By offering pro-bono localization services to select healthcare non-profit organizations within our communities, we make information accessible to diverse populations and people of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) so they have an opportunity to live fulfilled lives.  

We have experience preparing:

  • Discharge instructions 
  • After-visit summaries 
  • Patient consent forms 
  • Clinical studies and reports  
  • Drug registration documentation 
  • Pathology reports  
  • Case report forms 
  • And more

Silvina, Linguistic EXPERT

“As an international medical humanitarian organization, it is of the utmost importance for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to bear witness to the situation faced by people affected by armed conflicts, epidemic outbreaks or natural disasters to which we deliver aid. Our goal is to provide medical care to populations that no one can or wants to help, people excluded and invisible to a vast majority but whom we are not willing to ignore. Terra Translations joins MSF’s humanitarian work in an altruistic, highly-efficient and professional capacity, translating messages coming from our humanitarian projects in over 74 countries, so that they reach our Spanish-speaking followers and partners in South America as quickly as possible.”

-Doctors Without Borders, Head of Communications at Doctors Without Borders



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Chief strategy officer




  • Local, state, and federal government contracts.
  • Life sciences, healthcare, and medical devices.
  • Launching bilingual apps and vertical subtitles


  • BA in operations management and an MBA in finance.
  • 17 year career focused in sales, strategy, and risk management.
  • Wisconsin based and a diehard Cheesehead