As an organization, we deeply care about supporting communities with diverse populations and people of Limited English Proficiency (LEP); it is our goal to create an opportunity for all people to have access to information in order to live fulfilled lives. It is this goal that inspired the evolution and establishment of the Terra Cares program, in which Terra Translations provides pro-bono translation services to select healthcare and legal focused non-profit organizations within our communities.

This program was launched in 2016 and, two years later, we expanded our efforts to a new level by partnering with Doctors without Borders, a global non-profit that provides medical services to areas in crisis around the world. Our Terra Cares program aims to eliminate economic barriers and leverage social connections to improve people’s lives. Here is what some of Terra’s partners are saying about how Terra Cares has impacted their organizations and our communities:

“As the Director of Communications at a non-profit, I wear many hats and have many competing responsibilities, before even taking into account that all our communications and materials must be bilingual. Having Terra Translations’ help has been invaluable, freeing up much of my time previously spent on translations. But the truly critical part is the complete trust I have in every translation they produce. They are extremely professional and intelligent, picking up on nuances to continually learn, adjust and put out on-point translations without ever missing or delaying a deadline.”

Alison True, Director of Communications
at Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers

“We have so appreciated the help that the folks at Terra Translations have provided. We are a clinic that does not generate income as we see only low-income uninsured, with the exception of some Refugees with BadgerCare. Much of our care is provided by volunteers from the community. Terra Translations has allowed us to improve the quality of our written materials tremendously and helped us to steer our limited resources toward access to medication and direct care of the underserved.”

Steve Ohly, Aurora Clinic Manager
at Walkers Point Community Clinic

“Terra Translations has been amazing since day one. CORE El Centro has long dreamt of having our website in both Spanish and English. Our mission includes ‘creating access’ for our clients, many of whom speak Spanish as a first language. Thanks to Terra Cares, that dream has started to become a reality! About a third of our website (our most visited pages) has been translated and can be accessed in Spanish or English by our clients.”

Samantha Sanchez, Fund Development and Communications Manager
at CORE El Centro

If your non-profit organization is interested in extending its reach with the Terra Cares program, please send an email to