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Introducing Our New Service: Terra Team Up

We are thrilled to introduce Terra Team Up, a new addition to our service lineup. This venture brings together a team of our seasoned HR professionals with a unique superpower—the ability to guide clients through their entire hiring journey and beyond, offering ongoing support, strategic counseling, and customized staffing services. 

Terra has provided recruitment and staffing services to many clients over the years, initially as a response to specific client needs rather than a predefined business model. Marina Ilari, Terra CEO, shares, “This decision comes from our hands-on experience in providing tailored HR solutions to various clients that had expressed the challenges they were facing on that front. This led us to the realization that it was time to make it official.” 

Why We Chose the Name “Team Up”  

When it comes to how we landed on the name, Natalia Quintás, Chief People Officer, explained that we believe that our name is not just a title but a philosophy. “It represents our belief in the transformative power of collaboration, aligning employers, candidates, and our experienced team for shared accomplishments. It embodies our goal to support our client’s journey, ensuring seamless integration and ongoing success.”  

At Terra, People Management is a collaborative journey that extends well beyond the recruitment process.

Our Team  

We are proud of the HR team we assembled to oversee and execute Team Up. Our experienced HR team has worked with a dynamic and varied client portfolio, collaborating to overcome complex challenges. Whether you’re a startup searching for dynamic talent or an established enterprise requiring strategic HR solutions, our team is here to ensure your success. We recognize that a strong People Management Strategy isn’t a one-time transaction, but an ongoing partnership aimed at unlocking a company’s full potential.  

What Sets Us Apart 

Team Up encompasses staffing solutions, recruitment, and consultancy. Our distinctive features include: 

  • Focus on long-term fit. We prioritize a “perfect fit” in the recruitment process, aiming for employees to stay with the company long-term by aligning leader preferences with company expectations. 
  • Personalized approach. Committed to offering adaptable solutions, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client. 
  • Robust candidate base. Leveraging our experience as a translation and localization company, we have built a diverse candidate base capable of filling various roles. 
  • Integrated support. Our integrated approach provides continuous support, utilizing technology to ensure seamless alignment with our client’s organizational values and efficient integration of new team members. 

Cynthia Tortesi, Talent Manager, emphasizes, “At Terra, we believe that effective people management is not just a strategic advantage but is also essential for the lasting success and contentment of our clients and their teams.” Federico Colombo, Customer Success Manager, feels similarly, “Our objective is clear—to serve as your trusted advisor, assisting you at every stage of your growth trajectory.”  

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