Our Rewarding Experience with Doctors without Borders

Our Rewarding Experience with Doctors without Borders

On Tuesday November 19th, 2019, Terra Translations’ Customer Support Specialist Gabriela Lucero represented our organization at breakfast hosted by MSF (Doctors without Borders). The purpose of the event was to introduce industry players to the new General Manager of MSF. Gabriela received a warm welcome from everyone at the event, “There was such a friendly atmosphere! It wasn’t just the people, it was also the place. You could feel it’s an amazing environment to work in,” she said. 

The Event

After enjoying a quick breakfast, event attendees watched a video about the organization’s accomplishments. You can watch the video here, which Gabriela highly recommends doing. The new General Manager shared how MSF addresses issues like mass immigration, institutional violence, natural disasters, and epidemics. She shared that the organization doesn’t have any ongoing projects in Argentina. This is a good sign as it means there are no extreme cases in Argentina that require their assistance. Despite not needing aid, there is a very strong Argentinian presence in the organization. Terra Translations is proud to contribute to this collaboration. 

Who Attended

There were a variety of distinguished guests at the event. Some of the attendees do collaborative work with the organization like Terra Translations does. Other attendees contribute to the cause by donating money or goods required for missions. Some help spread the mission’s message or find volunteers. “It all adds up. That’s the message they wanted us to walk away with. All of us can do our part from wherever we are, regardless of how much or how little we have,” Gabriela noted. 

How We Work Together

Our Chief People Officer Natalia Quintás was the one to initiate a relationship with MSF as she felt the organization aligned with our specialty in medicine and life sciences. She believed we could lend our knowledge to a cause that benefits a lot of people in need throughout the world. MSF’s mission also aligned with the work we were already doing with Terra Cares. “We take pride in being able to contribute professionally to a high-impact mission,” Natalia said. 

Terra Translations began working with MSF in January of 2019 and has completed over 100,000 words of translation work with them. We’ve translated a variety of projects like financial reports, newsletters, and medical articles. Our team is always happy when a new MSF project comes their way and they are aware of the responsibility it entails. Teammate Celeste Moreno feels it is an honor to be able to contribute to an organization that does so much for our world. “When I translate text for MSF, I cannot help but feel utter responsibility for what I’m about to transmit in words. I feel so overwhelmed by the life-or-death stories that help change the world.” Celeste said.

Fellow teammate Silvina Oddino is also proud of the work we do with MSF. “I assume that my mission as a translator is to communicate, to help people exercise their rights, or to assist medical professionals in their research to find a cure for a disease. But translating for MSF has been uniquely meaningful, it has given special significance to my mission,” Silvina said.

The Takeaway

Gabriela walked away from the event feeling proud of the work our team does. “The whole event was very emotional, to be honest. It’s incredible to be a part of this initiative. As a member of Terra Translations, being able to help an organization with goals so admirable and generous makes me very proud.”

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