Behind the Scenes Terra’s Annual Team Building Workshop

Behind the Scenes: Terra’s Annual Team Building Workshop

On Saturday, November 16th, Terra Translations’ staff enjoyed an exciting afternoon engaged in a series of team building activities at the amazing facilities of the Howard Johnson Resort in Pilar, Buenos Aires.

The aim of the workshop was to strengthen group dynamic because teamwork is the cornerstone of Terra’s culture. Through inspirational speeches, ludic activities and shared time, the team consolidated the values of commitment, confidence, leadership, respect, and creativity.

How was all this possible in one single day? Here are the highlights of the team building workshop.

13:00. Lunch

Lunch was just what the team needed for the workshop to launch. Terra’s staff reconnected over a delicious shared meal. It was a relaxed moment for catching up and building energy for upcoming activities.


14:00. Master class

Once lunch was finished, the team moved into a conference room to listen to Carlos Melo, an expert teacher with over 15 years’ experience in business development, consulting, and marketing.

A little bit of theory is always useful. Carlos invited the attendees to rethink the concept of “persuading” by emphasizing the notion of “negotiation” as a key action in every team. He also remarked that for better staff relationships, members should prefer the “Y-Position”. This means paying attention to different opinions on one matter and being open to learning from other options, which can be rewarding for a team. He also gave useful insights about assertiveness, feedback, attitudes to be avoided, and much more.

15:00. Fun and values

Then it was practice time. The group went to the park where different games were setup ready to be played. These entailed applying the skills that are part of teamwork done every day. Some games needed creativity, coordination, and trust in other members, while others relied on improvisation and strategic thinking. All the members were impressively committed to the tasks, but there was also time for laughs, fun, and cheers.

16:00. Oh, do we actually have to build?

It turned out that “team building” was literally about building! The whole Terra team constructed a huge fortress using logs, rope, and the principles needed to build: organization and mutual confidence.

17:00. Instagram time!

Once the task was completed, the team posed for a photo (boomerang included).

17:30. Break and getting ready

Mission accomplished. The team had a moment to rest and take stock of the activities of the day. Some coffee and mate were shared and, afterward, the team went to get ready for dinner.

20:00. The dinner

Such a special day needed a unique ending. In the evening, the team welcomed freelance translators and editors to the annual dinner. The event was the occasion for sharing a joyful time among long-time vendors as well as meet those who came to the event for the very first time.

When all vendors had arrived, Terra’s equation was complete. To have the in-house team sharing time with the vendors means being in the presence of the heart of the company. They all are the talent that, combined with teamwork, make Terra’s quality and commitment possible every day.

Take a look at our photo album here!

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