Terra Translations offers legal translations that are precise, time-sensitive and technically accurate. To accomplish this high level of timeliness and accuracy, we work with specialized linguists and follow strict quality assurance processes.

To deliver accurate legal translation services, we work with certified linguists with extensive subject matter expertise.

In order to join the Terra team, translators must hold a degree in Sworn Translation and have at least five years of experience working as a professional translator. Several of Terra’s linguists also hold degrees in law. Terra tests linguists prior to working with the company in each area of specialization. Every translation test is evaluated by the in-house Quality Assurance Managers. Tests have a minimum passing score of 80/100 and a historically passing rate of approximately 10%. It is Terra’s policy to work only with translators who translate into their native language.

Because laws can vary significantly between countries, legal terminology management are crucial to avoid lawsuits when dealing with contracts, agreements, affidavits or any other type of legal and official documents. Translators must be experts in legal terminology to avoid even the slightest misinterpretation.

When you are in need of certified legal translations, the Terra team can provide:

⦁ A signed Certificate of Accuracy: the original document (source text) and the translated document (target text) are accompanied by a signed statement from the translator attesting that the translator or translation company representative believes the target-language text to be an accurate and complete translation of the source-language text.
⦁ A Notarized Translation: depending on the requirements, the Certificate of Accuracy might need to have the translators ́ signature notarized by a Notary Public in the U.S.
⦁ An ATA-certified translator: the entity receiving the translation could specify that the translation must be done by an American Translators Association certified translator. The Certificate of Accuracy is then accompanied by the translator ́s seal which includes the certification number, the language pairs and directions in which the translator is certified.


Terra understands the importance of security and confidentiality in the legal field. We handle sensitive documents and proprietary information by following the strictest security standards, including processes, servers and networks.

Terra has developed a secure, proprietary TMS (translation management system) called TerraSoft. Terra clients can use TerraSoft to manage their entire translation process, from project management to reporting and KPIs. The TerraSoft platform offers a holistic solution for all language needs.

Maintaining confidentiality, document control, and client trust are vital to Terra. Terra’s technical protocol and cybersecurity controls range from using a Linux firewall that is managed by DigitalOcean technicians to employing third-party validation of system security through rigorous stress tests. Terra’s cloud provider team, DigitalOcean, utilizes monitoring and analytics capabilities to identify potentially malicious activity within the system infrastructure.

Why choose Terra Translations?

✓ You will work with the same team because of our high retention rate.

✓ You will reduce administration cost and time pressure due to our fully integrated secured technology solution.

✓ You will avoid wasting time on quality concerns, because our quality is certified.

✓ You will eliminate your anxiety regarding your data being compromised, because of our highly secured and regulated systems.

✓ You will stress no more about availability. We can support your growth and scale as needed.

✓ You will enjoy a positive experience due to the Terra’s culture, a family business with a global reach.

Talk to the expert

Operations Lead

I earned my degree as a Sworn English into Spanish translator at Universidad del Salvador in 2009. After graduation, I registered with the Translator Association of the City of Buenos Aires and started developing my career in notarized translation. Simultaneously, I was able to work as an account manager and as a project manager at Terra. This experience allowed me the best of both worlds: I was able to develop myself as a translator in my area of expertise, while being supported as an integral member of a successful team.

Legal translation is complex and confusing for many; I know this after years of study and practice. So if you are looking for professional management of confidential data and personalized advice, please reach out – I would be happy to help you!

Operations Lead