Diversity & Inclusion: A cornerstone of the educational system
According to the KIDS COUNT Data Center, 22% of children in the U.S. — slightly more than 12 million kids total — speak a language other than English at home. But even though this number keeps growing by 2% in the last decade, the quality of education those students receive has not. The American Councils for International Education explained that “Multiple studies have uncovered a correlation between academic performance and the extent to which a native language is integrated into the school curriculum, emphasizing why multilingual students may tend to underperform academically”.

The Terra Translations team approaches each project with a goal of helping students, parents and the educational community thrive, regardless of their native language or culture. The classroom and surrounding environment should be welcoming and celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.

An estimated of 4.8 million K-12 public school students are English language learners (ELLs), accounting for 21 percent of all public school students. Below data from the US Deparment of Education shows the percentage distribution of ELL students by race/ethnicity.

Translation for elementary & secondary education
Terra has extensive and deep experience providing language services to educators, English language learners — often called ELL students or ELLs, and community volunteers alike.
Terra takes special care to deliver document translations that are culturally sensitive in different languages and accommodate varying literacy levels. Terra strives to avoid cultural ambiguities and works with neutral dialects that can be understood by people from different parts of the world, with different cultural and educational backgrounds. Team linguists are familiar with the educational language, both formal and informal, and translating in a “parent-friendly” manner when necessary.

Translation for Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Terra can also provide Individualized Education Program (IEP) translations; the Terra team has translated hundreds of educational plans for students with disabilities. Terra’s work has helped parents and guardians have access to timely and accurate IEP-related translations. IEP translation experience includes Behavior Intervention Plans, Independent Education Evaluation (IEE), Individual Transition Plans, notice of procedural safeguards, written notices, reevaluations, state assessments, messages to parents and students, reports and evaluations.

Translation for Higher Education
The challenge of acquiring and using a second language for academic purposes becomes greater in the later years of schooling as academic content becomes more rigorous and language becomes more precise.
Terra understands these nuances and specifications of the language. In order to join our team, translators must hold a degree in Technical and Scientific Translation or Sworn Translation, and have at least five years of experience working as a full-time translator. We work with a dedicated team of specialized linguists who hold other degrees in specific fields such as Political Sciences and Sociology, Art, Psychology, Pedagogy and Education, Finance, Marketing, Medicine, Chemistry and Law among others.

Educational content
Different education segments may request different kinds of materials. At Terra we have experience with:

⦁ Brochures
⦁ Evaluations
⦁ Handbooks
⦁ Websites
⦁ Parent letters and notification forms
⦁ Reports
⦁ Assessments
⦁ Tests, forms, applications
⦁ Transcripts
⦁ Child Placement Agreements
⦁ Child Information/Family Resources
⦁ eLearning Localization
⦁ Audio and Video Translation
⦁ Educational Handbook Translation
⦁ Student Materials Translation
⦁ Teacher Materials Translation

⦁ Admissions Documents and Forms Translation
⦁ Textbooks
⦁ Workbooks
⦁ Academic and Literary Translation
⦁ District press releases and statements
⦁ Diplomas of professional education and higher education
⦁ Academic references
⦁ Academic publications
⦁ Campus Information and Student Services
⦁ Financial Aid Information
⦁ Enrollment and Registration Information
⦁ Brochures, Marketing, and Pamphlets
⦁ Course Descriptions and Class Schedules
⦁ Legal Documents
⦁ GPA and Transcript Request Forms
⦁ Testing/Lecture Materials
⦁ Community Notices and Bulletins

Why choose Terra Translations?

✓ You will work with the same team because of our high retention rate.

✓ You will reduce administration cost and time pressure due to our fully integrated secured technology solution.

✓ You will avoid wasting time on quality concerns, because our quality is certified.

✓ You will eliminate your anxiety regarding your data being compromised, because of our highly secured and regulated systems.

✓ You will stress no more about availability. We can support your growth and scale as needed.

✓ You will enjoy a positive experience due to the Terra’s culture, a family business with a global reach.

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Business Development Manager

I have been working in the translation industry since 2015. I hold a degree in Political Science and as a Professor of Higher Education from the University of Buenos Aires. I have worked helping numerous colleges and universities, as well as school systems, navigate language translation. My current focus at Terra Translations is helping our clients by creating language access. If you are interested in translating and localizing your educational materials into different languages, contact me! I will make sure we find the perfect solution for you.

Business Development Manager