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What is a Translation Term Base and Do You Need One?

If you’re looking for ways to improve your translation team’s workflow, to have more consistent results, and to boost the overall quality of a translation project, you may find that a translation term base is a valuable tool to add to your toolkit. Keep reading to learn about what a term base is and what the benefits of using one are.

Discover what The Challenges of Translating Gender Neutral Language are

The Challenges of Translating Gender Neutral Language

When working on a translation project, it’s important to understand what is happening in the source text in order to decide how it should be translated. If the original document is using gender neutral language, then there is an explicit intention of the author, writer, or company to be inclusive in their communications.

How long does a translation project take?

How Long Does a Translation Project Take?

When you need translation work done, it can be tempting to want to speed up the timeline a bit. Who doesn’t want to wrap up an exciting project as quickly as possible? While these feelings are understandable, trying to cut corners and rush through translation work (…)

How the Translation Industry is Helping Ukraine - Portada

How the Translation Industry is Helping Ukraine

In light of recent events, we want to take some time to share how the translation industry is coming together to help the Ukrainian people and those affected by the situation. Let’s take a look at the initiatives and organizations that (…)

Everything you need to know on how to Create an Effective Culturalization Strategy!

How to Create an Effective Culturalization Strategy

We live in a very large world and part of what makes it so beautiful is how different we all are. Understanding and embracing these differences can bring us much closer together. As we’ve discussed recently, culturalization is a translation process that can help content thrive (…)