What are transcription services: value and applications

Transcription Services: The Value and Applications

While video content may be all the rage on social media these days, in the world of business, text still reigns supreme. Because of this, transcription services are often combined with other services like translation and subtitling. Transcription services translate live or recorded (such as an audio or video file) speech into text. It’s common for businesses to utilize transcription services to create records of important information and doing so can lead to reduced overhead, improved business efficiency, and less stress for employees.

Why are transcription services useful?

As mentioned, there are quite a few benefits associated with transcription. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  1. Saves time. It’s typically much more time-consuming to listen to audio than it is to read an equivalent amount of text. When you have the written form of an audio file, it’s easier to quickly consume the content and make notes. 
  2. Avoid disputes. Mixed messages can cause a lot of problems, especially in business meetings. Having written documentation of meetings and events can help avoid disputes, as that text is accessible when clarification is needed. 
  3. Searchable content. When looking for information quickly, technology makes it possible to search text almost instantaneously. 
  4. Boost SEO strategy. When you add text to your business’s website instead of or in addition to audio, you can reap the benefits of SEO (search engine optimization), making it easier for potential customers to discover your business online. 
  5. Fulfill legal requirements. Depending on the industry, having a professional transcription may be necessary to fulfill legal requirements. 

Who needs transcription services?

Speaking of the industries that lean on transcription services, almost any business across any industry can benefit from the perks. However, some industries lean on these services more than others do. 

  • Medical. The ability to efficiently record and store patient information such as notes regarding treatment, patient conversations, and medical history is key. 
  • Legal. From court hearings to depositions to client interviews to research, there is no shortage of a need for transcription services in the legal field. 
  • Education. Savvy college professors who want to document their lectures, presentations, or research, can use transcription services to their advantage.  
  • Market research. Any field that requires a lot of research can use transcription services to stay organized and efficient. This is especially true in the market research industry, where they gather a large amount of quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Public companies. Because the quarterly meetings and investor conferences of public companies have to be transcribed and made available for public access, these services are vital. 

There are many different types of transcription services that are executed in different ways. The purpose of the transcription will determine which type you need, whether you need timestamps, or if the text needs to be turned into subtitles, amongst other considerations. A qualified transcriptionist can help you determine what your needs are and how to best deliver the text.

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