CLINT 2019 The Takeaways -

CLINT 2019: The Takeaways

Our team recently attended and presented at CLINT 2019, a two-day event organized by Translated in Argentina (TinA). The event took place at Universidad Siglo 21 in Córdoba. Almost 300 attendees came together to learn and share their knowledge about the translation industry. 

There were opportunities to engage with company owners, account managers, project managers, and freelance translators from around the world. Not only did speakers from Argentina present, but also some from Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States, and Brazil.

What We Presented

Our Chief People Officer, Natalia Quintás took to the stage to present on managing high performance teams.

Our Chief People Officer, Natalia Quintás took to the stage to present on managing high performance teams. There was such a large turnout for her presentation that some attendees had to sit on the floor. The audience seemed surprised to learn that our team works remotely. They were eager to learn more about how we communicate effectively on a daily basis. They took a specific interest in how we manage employee time and project progress. As well as how we handle performance reviews and deliver feedback. Despite allotting time for a Q&A portion of the presentation, many guests approached Natalia afterwards to ask even more questions about her presentation.  

How Our Team Participated

Twelve of our team members attended the event. Alongside giving us some much appreciated face-to-face time, we were able to split up and attend multiple talks on different topics. We attended various sessions that happened simultaneously. Our team members walked away with a lot of knowledge and new ideas from the different sessions that we could share with each other.  

One of the prestigious foreign speakers that our team was most excited to see present was Pablo Mugüerza. He specializes in medical translation and is the author of an educational course that staff members Silvina Oddino and Celeste Moreno recently took about the translation of clinical trial protocols. Two of our in-house linguists, Bibiana and Alejandro, had the opportunity to take advantage of his deep knowledge and expertise. Pablo titled his presentation as “Cutting-edge medicine translation: immunology, genetics and cancer”. 

Other members of our team took a particular interest in the sessions related to audiovisual translation, including the subtitling of cultural references and the use of inclusive language in subtitles. Post-edition was another topic that sparked a lot of interest among our team. We all learned more about the common mistakes found in machine translation and how to fix them quickly and efficiently. Even though professional translators are knowledgeable on how to fix any mistakes, when it comes to machine translation, the process can be very time-consuming. And the truth is in some cases, a simple “find and replace” action can save a lot of time. 

What We Learned

While we learned many valuable lessons at CLINT 2019, our team’s overall takeaway from this event was the importance of being agile and adaptable. In this information age, everything changes increasingly fast. We need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is in times of disruption that the most brilliant opportunities arise.

The conference wrapped up with the introduction of TinA’s new board members and a fun raffle. We could not be more proud to announce that Chief People Officer Natalia Quintás and Director of Operations Manuela Lamas are two of the newly chosen members of the board. Through their active participation in the association’s initiatives, Terra will contribute to the advancement of the translation industry. And we will participate in the on-going training of future language professionals.

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