Did you know that at Terra Translations we have a special division that is exclusively dedicated to video game localization? That division is known as Terra Localizations. Terra Localizations is made up of a team of gamers who are also Project Managers, Account Managers, Translators, Editors and Quality Assurance Managers.

For us localization is the art of translating experiences, not solely words. Whenever we embark on the localization process of a video game our main goal is for every gamer to enjoy the game regardless of the language it was originally developed in. The moment you play a game and lose track of time, your heart races when you level up, your palms get sweaty during scary levels or that very moment when you connect with the game’s characters…that’s when localization was done right.


  • In-game Localization
  • Localization Testing
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Localization
  • Project Management
  • Media Localization
  • Audiovisual Localization
  • Transcreation
  • Style Guide Creation
  • Glossary Creation
  • Localization Consulting
  • Video Game Localization Quality Control

Working with a team of experts

Video games are fun, but when it comes to localization, it’s also a serious business. The localization team must understand the business model of the developer or publisher in order to correctly adapt the branding, work on legal texts, aesthetics and messaging to resonate with the target audience. Working with a team who understands the gaming industry and are active consumers of the different products can be vital to the international success of the game. 

At Terra Translations, we employ a team of video game experts who utilize the most advanced technology in order to provide a “boutique” style service to our clients. Our tailored process encompasses the management of linguists, style guides, glossaries, term bases, translation memories, linguistic quality control, and testing. 

Contact us today if you would like to work with a dedicated and passionate team of experts for the localization of your game!


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Talk to the expert

Business Development Director

I am a translator and simultaneous interpreter and began working in the translation industry as a Project Manager and Account Manager. I joined Terra Translations in 2015 and, since then, I have worked closely with clients that need creative translations and transcreation. My main focus is working with video game developers and publishers, marketing agencies, and media and entertainment companies. I currently serve on the board of the Argentine Association of Video Game Developers (ADVA), which works to help the video game ecosystem grow in Argentina and the LATAM region. I am also one of the founders of Women in Games in Argentina.

I am passionate about finding the right voice and tone for a brand to be successful in the global marketplace. Contact me if you would like to discuss your video game localization project!

Business Development Director