Providing a full range of multilingual service in 150 languages, Terra Translations delivers course content and instructions to teams, users and customers from around the world. From educating to workforce training, Terra’s experts ensure that companies make the most of their global e-learning programs. With meticulous attention to accuracy and quick turnarounds, Terra provides quality deliverables within budget.

For a e-learning course to maintain credibility, proper translation and localization of a project is key. Specialists need to understand the material in order to provide clarity without sacrificing content. The Terra team is made up of specialized linguists who hold other degrees in a variety of specific fields. This allows Terra’s subject matter experts to understand your industry and existing training materials ensuring the translation is as accurate as the original.

Our experience translating and localizing e-learning courses include:

⦁ Web-based training
⦁ CBT (Computer Based Training)
⦁ CBI (Computer Based Instruction)
⦁ Multimedia (video/audio), including video subtitles and voice-over
⦁ Graphics and desktop publishing (DTP)
⦁ XML files
⦁ User interfaces
⦁ Online help
⦁ Course documentation and materials

Terra’s team delivers accurate, high-quality content across a wide range of e-learning formats and applications. Terra’s services include:

⦁ On-screen text translation
⦁ Script translation
⦁ Audio voice-overs
⦁ Localizing XML and Flash content
⦁ Subtitling
⦁ Formatting and typesetting
⦁ QA testing

Terra’s e-learning localization team works with a wide range of formats and platforms that include:

⦁ Articulate Storyline
⦁ Captivate
⦁ Lectora
⦁ Adobe Flash
⦁ HTML 5
⦁ Microsoft PowerPoint

⦁ InDesign
⦁ FrameMaker
⦁ RoboHelp
⦁ QuarkXPress
⦁ Illustrator


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Why choose Terra Translations?

✓ You will work with the same team because of our high retention rate.

✓ You will reduce administration cost and time pressure due to our fully integrated secured technology solution.

✓ You will avoid wasting time on quality concerns, because our quality is certified.

✓ You will eliminate your anxiety regarding your data being compromised, because of our highly secured and regulated systems.

✓ You will stress no more about availability. We can support your growth and scale as needed.

✓ You will enjoy a positive experience due to the Terra’s culture, a family business with a global reach.

Talk to the expert

Senior Project Manager

I am a graphic designer and a senior project manager at Terra. I specialize in e-learning and I am responsible for managing the translation and localization of all e-learning projects for our VIP clients. 

Thanks to my work at Terra Translations, I have honed my ability to convey messaging from one language to another. This skillset is vital when working to impart information across cultures. My goal is always to recreate the impact my clients seek when developing e-learning materials by leveraging language as an additional tool to make a positive impact, rather than seeing it as an obstacle.  

I approach this work in a highly methodical way, starting with a thorough analysis of the content. Then, after considering the target audience, I select the most appropriate team to carry out the work. Whether the task involves translation, localization, voice-over, audio implementation, subtitling, or animation, the final product will preserve the creator’s message, style, and intention. Contact me for all of your e-learning needs so I can help take your ideas to completely new audiences!

Senior Project Manager