Translation and technology go hand in hand. In this fast-paced world, where deadlines are constantly tightening, technology helps us be more productive and efficient. Most importantly, it helps us maintain the highest quality for our clients through the use of terminology management and linguistic quality assurance (LQA). Terra Translations offers a fully integrated technology solution, inclusive of our services, by leveraging our  proprietary management software, TerraSoft. When coupled with widely used computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool called memoQ, TerraSoft creates a cloud-based solution that offers a seamless project workflow from the initial contact and receipt of the files to the final project delivery.


TerraSoft is a secure, proprietary accounting, project, and personnel management system. This web-based platform was developed internally as a way for leadership to keep an accurate and secure record of every project, as well as to manage the human resources and accounting departments efficiently. There are several ways that the TerraSoft system’s design specifically creates transparency for both the company and the client:

  • TerraSoft generates an accurate record of every project. The system assigns an internal number to each project and it maintains an audit trail and traceability of every update related to the project; these records include but are not limited to, the team assigned to the project, deadlines, and customer feedback.
  • TerraSoft measures critical KPIs and benchmarks for every client, such as project completion and timestamps, as well as on-time delivery and quality, process and project management metrics.
  • TerraSoft measures capacity demands against the available resource supply. This technology allows the team’s dedicated vendor manager ample time to proactively source, evaluate, and onboard new partners in order to scale up resources to meet client needs.
  • During Terra’s onboarding process with a new client, the operations team strives to learn everything they can about the client’s preferences and style. These notes are then uploaded into the TerraSoft system; this secured profile will outline a linguistic toolkit to guide Terra’s approach to working with each client.
  • With TerraSoft, our project managers  and vendor manager  are able to closely monitor the quality of every project delivered by a specific linguist and language partner. To keep an accurate record of each linguist’s performance, every translator and editor is evaluated on a per-project basis and the score obtained is stored in the system.
  • TerraSoft also contains the professional profile of all our language partners; it includes information such as degrees, specializations, software, language pairs, etc., allowing our project managers to select the best fit for each project.
  • Terra clients can use TerraSoft to manage their entire translation process, from project management to reporting and KPIs. The TerraSoft platform offers a holistic solution for all language needs.

TerraSoft boasts robust security protocols designed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of our clients’ data. Access to the different components of TerraSoft is warranted by job position, and employees are only granted access to sensitive information on a need-to-know basis. TerraSoft employs a broader philosophy around ‘defense-in-depth’ where multiple protections are in place and no single control is relied on to provide adequate protection.

Learn more about how we handle security and data protection at Terra

memoQ server

Terra’s memoQ cloud server provides a collaborative workspace where project managers, translators, editors and QA managers are connected in real time. Upon receiving a translation request, a project manager will create the project, add translation memories, termbases and reference material (if available) and proceed to assign it to the right linguistic team. Translators, editors and QA managers leverage all resources and ensure the highest quality. Working in this live environment, the translation memories and termbases are always properly updated with the most current version of the project.

This cloud-based solution allows project managers to have complete control over projects at every step of the process and they can quickly jump in to help solve any queries that may arise. The memoQ server also helps guarantee confidentiality and data protection, which are vital to Terra Translations. By using memoQ server, our team has full control over who has access to projects and permissions to download material. In addition, standard Terra protocol requires all vendors to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to initiating a professional partnership.

TerraSoft and the memoQ server are two of our most valuable assets. However, we employ several other tools which allow us to provide the best quality translations, including Verifika and XBench. These QA tools scan bilingual translation files and translation memories offering an extra layer of quality assurance. Their different features check formatting, consistency, terminology, grammar, and spelling. By using the right combination of these software tools, we can ensure impeccable quality in each and every segment of the target language.