Life Sciences

Health and medical care are universal needs. If ever there is a time when clear, accurate language is necessary, it is when a person’s life is in question. After all, an incorrect translation can mean the difference between life and death. Why entrust Terra Translations with your highly sensitive documentation? Because we have the experience and expertise in both the life sciences and pharmaceutical translation to accurately localize your content while maintaining patient privacy and ensuring cultural competency. In 2018, 70% of Terra’s work was focused on the life sciences, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

HIPAA Compliance
Maintaining patient confidentiality, document control and client trust are vital to Terra. We execute work under the most stringent guidelines and practices to preserve the security of all private information entrusted to us. Terra has an elite, U.S.-based team specially established and qualified to cater to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and work with highly confidential information, including Protected Health Information (PHI). Team members are trained and continually educated in HIPAA compliance, all projects are transmitted via secure channels, and PHI is removed from all files retained for record keeping. In turn, Terra follows all HIPAA guidelines for document disposal, including but not limited to, shredding of hard copy documents, clearing or purging all electronic records and degaussing or destroying hardware.

Data Security
Maintaining and ensuring data security has become increasingly important in recent years as applications become more complex, as external threats more sophisticated and as the cost of remediating a vulnerability after exposure creates exponential damage than if it had been detected during the early stages of the breach. Terra’s technical protocol and cybersecurity controls range from using a Linux firewall that is managed by DigitalOcean technicians to employing third-party validation of system security through rigorous stress tests. Terra’s team helps clients prevent critical proprietary and identity data from falling into the wrong hands. All network communication uses transport layer security (TLS) with at least 128-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption.

Experience in Life Sciences
Terra has an extensive history providing services to the life sciences, biotechnology, medical device and healthcare industries with the following types of documentation:

⦁ Clinical Studies and Reports
⦁ Discharge Instructions
⦁ E-Learning and Training
⦁ Medical History Summaries
⦁ Mental Status Examinations
⦁ Operative Reports

⦁ Packaging and Labeling
⦁ Patient-Specific Care Forms
⦁ Patient Consent Forms
⦁ Pathology Reports
⦁ Recruitment and Marketing Collateral

Pharmaceutical Experience

⦁ Adverse Event Source Documents
⦁ Case Report Forms (CRFs)
⦁ Development Safety Update Reports (DSURs)
⦁ Drug Registration Documentation
⦁ Informed Consent Forms
⦁ Insert Leaflets, Package Inserts and product Labels
⦁ Instructions for Use (IFUs) and Directions for Use (DFUs)

⦁ Marketing
⦁ Master Batch Records
⦁ Medication Updates (contraindications, side effects, etc.)
⦁ Patient Diaries and labs
⦁ Patient Recruitment Materials
⦁ Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)
⦁ Patient Source Documents

⦁ Pharmacological Studies
⦁ Regulatory Documents
⦁ Research Studies
⦁ Scientific Papers
⦁ Study Protocols
⦁ Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reactions (SUSARs)
⦁ Toxicology Reports

“As an international medical humanitarian organization, it is of the utmost importance for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to bear witness to the situation faced by people affected by armed conflicts, epidemic outbreaks or natural disasters to which we deliver aid. Our goal is to provide medical care to populations that no one can or wants to help, people excluded and invisible to a vast majority but whom we are not willing to ignore. Terra Translations joins MSF’s humanitarian work in an altruistic, highly-efficient and professional capacity, translating messages coming from our humanitarian projects in over 74 countries, so that they reach our Spanish-speaking followers and partners in South America as quickly as possible.”

doctors without borders

Head of Communications at Doctors Without Borders


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